VanKoevering Chiropractic offers the following treatments: 

Chiropractic Manipulations:  Dr. Timothy and Laina use different techniques at VanKoevering Chiropractic.  They may use their hands to deliver a gentile spinal manipulation, activator which is a hand held adjusting device, Thompson drop table where pieces are raised and lowered to effectively correct spinal manipulation, and various soft tissue techniques.

X ray:  Although not necessarily required, VanKoevering Chiropractic offers x rays in the office for further diagnostic study of the spine.  This helps us to better treat you as the individual patient that you are. 

Laser Therapy:  This healing modality is a mixture between micro-current electrical stimulation and low level laser therapy that helps relieve pain and inflammation by stimulating the cells natural ability to repair and heal itself.  It can be used for a multitude of soft tissue complaints. 

Massage Therapy:  Our massage therapist uses varous massage techniques to provide the massage that is right for you.  Massage when mixed with chiropractor accelerates your bodys ability to heal itself. 

Rehabilition:  The doctors may discuss various stretches, exercises, hot/cold therapy, or any other rehabilitation to help get you to your optimal health. 

Nutritional Counseling:  The doctors may ask to discuss your nutritional and dietary habits to help you to a better state of wellness.  They may discuss nutritional supplimentation that will help your personal needs.