You can expect a warm staff and inviting office to great you.  We will need some initial paperwork to be done as well as your health insurance card if you have it. You will meet directly with one of the doctors who will discuss your main health complaints and any other issues you would like to discuss.  A chiropractic exam will be performed and at this point the doctor will discuss with you if it is necessary for an x ray to be performed in our office and if he or she is able to help you.  If not, you will be referred to someone who can.  Usually the patient is adjusted the same day of their initial appointment.  We know you are in pain and we want to help you as soon as we are able to.  

After the exam, possible x ray, and adjustment, we will usually see you again in a day or two.  Every patient is a unique individual with different issues and needs.  Treatment plans vary greatly and it will be up to you and the doctor to discuss your individual needs and treatment options.