VanKoevering Chiropractic provides chiropractic services to patients of all ages. Dr. Tim and his daughter Dr. Laina work to help patients reach optimal health by finding and treating the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. 

Dr. Tim, a National Chiropractic graduate, has been in practice serving the area for over 30 years.  He uses a variety of hands on techniques to help alleviate your pain and discover the source of your pain. His passion for chiropractic healing spans back to when he was in highschool and suffered a severe sports injury.  After numerous treatment options he finally saught out chiropractic care and was blown away by how fantastic he felt.  It was then that he decided he too wanted to help others heal. 

Dr. Laina, A Palmer Chiropractic graduate, joined the practice in 2011 and has been practicing over 5 years. She uses newer technology including Activator and a Thompson drop table that is gentile on the patient. She may also utilize other modalities to help with soft tissue problems. She has grown up with chiropractic care since she was only two weeks old.  Her passion for healing the human body has been life long and has even expanded to animals!  She works at the Fremont and White Cloud animal clinics and works to manipulate the spines of animals as well.  She even has five pets of her own!  She truly believes chiropractic is for everyone. 

Karol Stalsberg Schaner is our massage therapist that joined our team in 2015.  She has years of experience in deep tissue massage and many other modalities and will modify her technique to your comfort level. Karol helps VanKoevering Chiropractic strive to give patients the best care possible. Chiropractic adjustments with theraputic massage helps patients to heal and function more optimally. 

Our office is located in Fremont, serving all local communities. 

Call today and let us help get to the root of your pain!